payments are made through software that works completely “in the cloud” allowing you to secure your data on computer, laptop and smartphone. The software automatically sends email and push notifications in the app, including payment reminders, renewal of a subscription, scheduling changes.
The members app allows customers to easily view the class timetable, sign up for activities, receive personal messages and notifications, edit the personal profile, and buy subscriptions, stripping cards and other products in the store.
Online payment is safe and there are no risks. So we have a link with a certified payment provider. you always need to close contracts yourself using the most popular payment methods, iDEAL and SEPA direct debit

  • Open mat and or free training count as a lesson, unless otherwise indicated
  • If classes are canceled, there will be no refund of membership fees.
  • The Carlson Gracie Amsterdam (CGA) is not liable for the loss of and or damage to property of its members and / or visitors.
  • The Carlson Gracie Amsterdam (CGA) is not liable for injuries sustained during the training and / or competition / tournament (s).
  • The Carlson Gracie Amsterdam (CGA) is not liable for the late cancellation of subscriptions.
  • The Carlson Gracie Amsterdam (CGA) is not liable for not being able to train due to injuries.
  • The Carlson Gracie Amsterdam (CGA) is not liable for any damage during competitions and / or lessons.
  • There are no special regulations for illnesses, injuries or relocation.
    In exceptional cases, there is a possibility to discount the subscription, this can be requested via email, however there is no guarantee that this discount will be granted.
    What exceptional content will be determined by the employees of the CGA.
  • Employees of the CGA have the right to refuse visitors.
  • Each member is responsible for his or her health and if he or she has medical complications or present illnesses, he or she must report this in advance and bears full responsibility for any consequences or risks that may arise from this.
  • During holiday periods there will be an adjusted timetable.
  • Each member is personally liable for all damage caused by him or her in and or outside the CGA, the HW10 building and or to the property of other members.

  • Every member is obliged, in the case of contagious diseases, not to go on the mat and not to expose other members, when this is determined this person will no longer be welcome on the mat as long as the condition is present and in this situation no refund from membership fee.
  • Every member has to behave properly towards the other tenants / visitors of hw10, we want to create and maintain a nice friendly atmosphere in the building.
  • Each member must clean the used areas and not leave any waste or other items.
  • Every member is obliged to use hygienic standards, a clean gi / kimono and other training materials on the mat, examples of this, nails need to be kept and wounds covered.
    The CGA wants to maintain and maintain a hygienic atmosphere for its members.
  • For the cancellation of the contract the notification in the period of ONE month by email to marcosflexa@gmail.com
  • If a member wishes to change his or her subscription, it must be submitted ONE month before the start of the next month.
  • In the event of default of payment, additional costs will be charged and the registration fee and / or administration costs will have to be paid again after this.
  • The CGA reserves the right to amend and / or correct these general terms and conditions.
    The CGA is not liable for any errors in these general conditions.
    By signing the continuous authorization membership form, you agree to all the above condition.

    By signing this form you agree with the general conditions of Carlson Gracie Amsterdam. and gives you permission to send Carlson Gracie Amsterdam ongoing direct debit orders to your bank to debit the selected amount from your account due to the contribution for the lesson (s) and your bank to continuously deduct the amount from your account in accordance with the assignment of Carlson Gracie Amsterdam. If you do not agree with this depreciation, you can have it reversed. Please contact your bank within eight weeks of the debit. Ask your bank about the conditions.