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Classes for beginners.
Monday to Thursday at 18:00
Also monday wednesday and friday 08:00
Advanced Class (Blue to Black Belt)
Monday till Thursday at 19:00
About us.
The CARLSON GRACIE AMSTERDAM is the first known Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy in Amsterdam, founded by Marcos Flexa, a Brazilian enthusiast, in 2002 it started with a small group of Brazilian friends training together in the parks in amsterdam, driven by Flexa’s dream of growing this new sport in the city. As Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was still unfamiliar in Amsterdam, Flexa had to work in restaurants, performing various tasks such as cleaning and assisting in the kitchen. He even became an independent chef. Alongside his restaurant work, Flexa taught Jiu-Jitsu at various locations, including the USC Universum Sport Center in Amsterdam, a university dedicated to sports. However, he eventually left his position as a professor at the university to establish his own space in Amsterdam West. To this day, Carlson Gracie Amsterdam welcomes students from around the world interested in learning the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that Flexa inherited from his former master, Carlson Gracie. Marcos Flexa received all the belts from Master Carlson Gracie, including the black belt in 1997. Master Carlson Gracie passed away in 2006, but the legacy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu continues in the classes of Professor Marcos Flexa, as well as in the teachings and seminars conducted by more than 100 black belts around the world trained by Master Carlson Gracie.


7 Classes For Complete Beginners Weekly.
Leave your ego at the door / Focus on the basics / Work on the things you find difficult. The extensive schedule at Carlson Gracie Amsterdam offers students from beginner to advanced levels to maximize their training by improving techniques and physical condition.


The trial class.

Choose from 4 different trial class packet session.
1 Trial Class: €22
5 Session Pack Trial -1 month €85
10 Session Pack Trial -2 months €150
20 Session Pack Trial -3 months €200
50 Session Pack Trial -5 months €350
Limited Edition.


It’s great way to start the day!
The smaller class sizes present an excellent opportunity to ask questions and get a more personalized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experience. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu early in the day can stimulate your metabolism to keep you burning more calories throughout the day.
Every Monday Wednesday and Friday from 8 till 9:30am.


Outside the Classes the athlete can participate in specific training where the student is observed by all Black Belts of the academy, Training consist of 1.5 hour-long with Specific Positions or Drills, which is the best method to fix the mistakes. In addition, the open mat sessions allow students to practice all learned techniques during class with fellow teammates from all levels.


Payments are made through software that works completely “in the cloud” allowing you to secure your data on computer, laptop and smartphone. The software automatically sends email and push notifications in the app, including payment reminders, renewal of a subscription, scheduling changes.


For BJJ Tourists and visitors costs € 20 euros for Open Mat or class, keep checking the calendar before coming because in the holidays always have different schedules.
Tourists and visitors BJJ Black Belts with IBJJF card can train for free, but contact by email or WhatsApp first.

Become an Associate: Join Carlson Gracie Team Today!
Expand your academy’s horizons.

Is your Jiu-Jitsu academy ready to thrive and be part of a renowned legacy?
Carlson Gracie Amsterdam invites academies of all sizes to join our team through Professor Marcos Flexa, 6th degree black belt.
If you are a brown or black belt instructor actively teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and you can commit to organizing a minimum of two seminars per year for Carlson Gracie Team black belts, we have an exciting opportunity for you.
Join a legacy that has produced black belts and MMA champions around the world under the guidance of Carlson Gracie Sr.
Affiliate your academy with The Carlson Gracie in Europe and be part of our legacy.
Please contact us by email or WhatsApp for more information:
Strengthen your academy’s foundation and connect with a thriving Jiu-Jitsu community. Join us and contribute to the legacy of excellence in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

“Start Your Own Carlson Gracie Academy Today!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is an overview of our graduation system:

Blue Belt: To achieve the blue belt, students need a maximum of 200 classes.
White Belt Progression: Every 40 classes attended as a white belt, students have the opportunity to earn one degree. The fifth degree corresponds to the blue belt promotion.
Purple Belt: Moving from blue to purple belt requires a maximum of 375 classes. Students can earn one degree for every 75 classes attended.
Brown Belt: Advancing from purple to brown belt also requires a maximum of 375 classes, with one degree earned for every 75 classes.
Black Belt: Transitioning from brown to black belt requires a maximum of 300 classes, with one degree earned for every 60 classes. The degrees in the black belt are awarded based on merit, contingent on continued participation and dedication to BJJ.
We believe in recognizing hard work and commitment. The black belt degrees are given based on merit, evaluating the student’s active involvement in BJJ.

At our academy, we emphasize the importance of making class reservations. This allows us to track attendance accurately and ensures transparency between students and instructors. Students who have a passion for competition and achieve commendable results often progress more rapidly than those who do not participate in competitions.

We encourage you to explore and challenge yourself by participating in the upcoming competitions. These events offer a valuable opportunity to test your skills and gain invaluable experience.

Students who enjoy competing and achieve good results are often promoted faster than those who do not participate in competitions.





Belt Color Number of Classes Degree Progression
White Belt Every 40 classes 1 degree per 40 classes
(5th degree = Blue Belt)
Blue Belt Up to 200
Purple Belt Up to 375 1 degree per 75 classes
Brown Belt Up to 375 1 degree per 75 classes
Black Belt
Up to 300 1 degree per 60 classes

What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a submission based martial art and combat sport. It’s central focus is the skill of taking an opponent to the ground, controlling that opponent and using techniques to force them into submission via joint locks or chokeholds.

Who is Marcos Flexa?

Marcos Flexa is the Head Coach of Carlson Gracie Amsterdam.
Professor Marcos ‘Flexa’ is a 6th degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the legendary Carlson Gracie (1933 – 2006), the master that created the most dominant fight team in the history of the art. For years, professor Marcos ‘Flexa’ was the head coach of the Carlson Gracie Academy in Rio de Janeiro. After some traveling he came to Europe and settled in Amsterdam, where he has been teaching since 2001 and started a new academy in 2013. Marcos ‘Flexa’ is one of the highest ranking black belts in all of Europe.
Marcos Flexa has already graduated several black belts in Amsterdam and some of his black belts have achieved the status of world champion and European champion like Desmond, Olga and Misha.

What is Carlson Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Considered by many as the most successful Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy in the history of the sport, the Carlson Gracie Jiu Jitsu Team was the true juggernaut of competitive BJJ in the 1970’s, 1980’s and early 1990’s. A team remembered for big names such as Murilo Bustamante , Amauri Bitetti, Ricardo De La Riva, Ricardo Liborio, Paulo Filho,Carlson Gracie Jr, Carlão Barreto and many, many others, the Carlson Gracie Academy was also the flagship for innovation in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, having added strong trends such as group classes, a strong focus on sport BJJ and the use of animals in the academy’s logo(s), all ideas coming from the leader of the team, the late Master Carlson Gracie.

Do I need any experience?

No former experience is necessary and all levels of fitness can enjoy learning BJJ. In our case, we train as a team and all levels are welcome to train with us. We encourage all our students to help develop other students, that way we get better as a whole.

What equipment will I need?

You will need a Kimono or “GI” and if you want to train more than 2x a week you will probably need an extra Kimono or “GI”. It’s the standard uniform most of us start with when taking a journey to learn Jiu Jitsu. We simply recommend that you avoid wearing watches, earrings, rings, bracelets as it is a full contact sport.

How do I book a trial class?

1) You have to go to the menu and click on “LOGIN / REGISTER”.
2)Then click “BOOK NOW”
3) You will see a schedule and choose the class you want to schedule by clicking on it. Or you can go and book through the schedule page.
If you don’t have an Eversports account, you can create one right away. Be sure to book one of the beginner classes and arrive 10 minutes before class starts. For your first class, I have a kimono on loan for you.

How to cancel a booking?

If you already booked a class but can not participate, you have the possibility to cancel the booking.
In that case, you have to note the cancellation deadline.
If you want to cancel your participation, please login in your Eversports account, click on your name on top right and choose ‘My bookings’.
In the section Upcoming bookings you choose from which class you want to cancel and confirm your cancellation.
Afterwards you can not see this class anymore in your overview.
NOTE – In case that the cancellation deadline is already reached, an error will show up. You can contact your studio directly and ask, if a cancellation would be possible.
Only via the App it is possible to cancel classes after the cancellation deadline.
This is called a late cancellation and allows you to free your spot from the class. The credit will not be returned.

How does the children's class work?

The Children’s Class always takes place on Saturdays from 10 am.
YOUNG GROUP – 6 to 9 years. 10:00 – 10:45
MIDDLE GROUP – 10 to 13 years. 11:00 – 12:00
OLDER GROUP – 14 to 18 years. 12:15 – 13:15
For more information for children’s classes contact the instructors via website

From White to Black Belt with Master Carlson Gracie.