Extra Drill Class in November. Drill for Kill... Drill for Speed ..​​.Drill to Flow...Drill to Win.

Drilling is one of the often-overlooked elements of training that anyone can do more of to improve.

4 Black Belts .

CARLSON GRACIE jr ,(5th Degree Black Belt)
MARCOS FLEXA (4th Degree Black Belt )
DANIEL BERTINA (black belt)
DESMOND V BERG ( black belt)

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Morning Classes 3 Times a Week

Including 4 Open Mat a week , very important for students to improve technique and improve physical condition. 1 ½ hours of training where the student is observed by all teachers of the academy, is also the best time to fix the mistakes.

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Through jiu-jitsu, you learn how to use leverage to control someone else.

Every Sunday from 16:30 till 18:00 Class only for women.
All girls usually train all classes, but on Sunday now is traditional class for women to improve the techniques.

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