Jiu Jitsu is a great and fun way to get your child active while learning physical, social and self-awareness skills that will stay with them for the rest of their life. Physically we challenge your child to try and learn new movements and get comfortable and self-secure performing them. Our classes will always be in groups and most exercises will be in pairs, communication and social interaction will therefore be high. Children will learn about their own and their teammates boundaries and learn to respect and value them. We aim at creating a friendly and safe atmosphere where our students not only learn about jiu jitsu, but also develop discipline, respect and humility.
Currently we have two age groups:
– Age 5-10: In this class we focus on basic and fundamental movements and techniques combined with games that introduce children to things as sparring and drilling. The focus is getting comfortable with the movements and techniques while having fun.
– Age 10+: In this class we focus on developing solid fundamentals and techniques. Apart from the fundamentals we will dive more into details and complicated techniques and sequences. We end every class with a sparring session, to try and learn adapting isolated taught techniques and sequences into flued continues movement.
For classes and times, take a look at the schedule. For other questions regarding pricing, trial lessons etc. please contact us through
Main language for the classes will be in Dutch, but we are fluent in English and Portuguese too.
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Laszlo La Ferrara

Laszlo La Ferrara

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