Rinaldo Santos Seminar

Rinaldo Santos and Marcos Flexa were training and competition partners in the 80’s and 90’s, always representing the Carlson Gracie Copacabana Academy. We are looking forward to this great day that Rinaldo Santos will be in Amsterdam showing a little bit of the half guard that dominated training at the time.

Professor Rinaldo Santos is a 6th Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is one of the highest ranked Black Belts in Central Florida. His BJJ lineage is traced directly to the Gracie family: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie Sr. > Carlson Gracie Sr..

Professor Rinaldo is a former BJJ World Champion and Vale Tudo Fighter (No Holds Barred MMA) . He is also one of the most respected BJJ Referees in the sport of BJJ. Professor Rinaldo has over two decades of experience teaching adults and kids and still teaches the majority of the classes at the Carlson Gracie Central Florida Academy.

Starts on Sunday, 31/07/2022 at 11am








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